Proposal portal

This template makes it easy to present suitable candidates to clients

How does it work?

With the Proposal Portal template you easily and conveniently present suitable candidates to clients.

In the portal clients can: 

  • View all proposed candidates per vacancy
  • View more information and the resume of the candidate
  • Approve or reject candidates
How does the recruiter add candidates to the portal?

The recruiter indicates in the ATS which candidates are suitable for the vacancy and can be presented to the client. The selected candidates are then automatically displayed per vacancy in the Proposal Portal of the client.

Flexible customization

You can fully adapt the template to the needs of your organization. Do you want the client to see only an overview of the most important candidate information in the portal and not the full CV? Do you want the client to be able to immediately approve a suitable candidate or not? You choose it! Put the page completely in your own house style with custom colors, fonts and images.

The advantages of the Proposal Portal

  • The client gets a clear overview of the candidates to be evaluated.
  • GDPR-proof: CVs and candidate info are deleted from the portal after completion and do not sit in the client’s mailbox for years.
  • You get faster feedback from the client.

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